is under new-construction.


Here's the story...

GoDaddy, the hosting company for RadioShackCatalogs.com, has decided to totally change their hosting plan which I've had for about 10 years. Because my site's volume (over 200,000 image files alone) and high traffic, I was told that my site was interfering with other people's websites on the same GoDaddy server.  Consequently, I was told by GoDaddy to eliminate ALL images (which was 99% of the website). Bear in mind that I was paying for their "unlimited" storage plan. And when I didn't remove the images, they completely shut-down my RadioShackCatalogs.com, AlliedCatalogs.com, and a couple more of my sites.

In addition, admittingly, my site was dated in that it would not automatically re-format for smaller devices (mobile devices, iPads, etc.).  And, the catalog's virtual "flip pages" were all driven by Adobe Flash; a web browser plug-in that's now almost discontinued.  Eventually, none of the pages would display properly.  Yes, it's time for a change.

To meet these challenges, I am currently looking into alternative (but higher out-of-pocket cost) secure web hosting plans, web development software (which has its cost and for which I am not yet familiar, but learning fast), and Page-Flipping software  (which has a monthly subscription cost to me) so that I can continue displaying the RadioShack catalogs.  In time, I'll get there with a new and better RadioShack catalog website for all to use & enjoy!

Thank you for your interest and continued patience.

~ Mike

radioshack -at- gmx -dot- com




In the interim, if you would like to view the Radio Shack Catalogs on YouTube, I would appreciate if you would subscribe my RadioShackCatalogs YouTube Channel.  Currently, I don't have enough subscibers to qualify for "monitization". But if I get enough subscibers, it will help to generate some funds to help support the RadioShackCatalogs website.


For those interested, I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to the old Allied Radio Catalogs.  Please subscribe to my AlliedCatalogs YouTube Channel.



11/28/20  UPDATE:

I am making GREAT progress on the new website.  Currently, I have put almost 300 hours into the new site since I started this project; trying to get it ready as quickly as possible.  There is a bit of a learning curve in learning the new web development software, but I'm happy with my progress.


I have TOTALLY re-designed the website for a more intuitive navigation.  It will be responsive for desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices (although reading catalogs on a mobile device is a challenge in itself).


The catalogs are still in a page-flipping format, but not in the now-discontinued Adobe Flash environment.


 And I have re-generated all of the catalogs and flyers resulting in much higher-resolution catalog pages.


I GREATLY appreciate the kind donations that have been sent.  I have used the funds for web hosting services & software.  I'll use additional funds to purchase more catalogs and on-going material for the website.


Also, thanks to all who have subscribed to my YouTube channels.  I only need about 20 more subscribers on the RadioShackCatalogs channel to qualify for monitization.  Again, using any funds to support the RadioShackCatalogs.com website.



12/1/20  UPDATE:


If you want to be immortalized within the pages of the RadioShackCatalogs.com website, here is your opportunity!

I am working on a "book" for the RadioShackCatalogs.com website that will contain photos of old RadioShack stores from the 1940s to today.  If you have an old (or current) photo of your store, and/or yourself either inside or outside your store, and want to include your photo in my book, please email it to me.

Please include the year the photo was taken, the store location (city/state), your name (if you want it included or want credit for the photo) and a short 1-2 sentence description.  No copywritten photos please.

email to:  RADIOSHACK -at- GMX -dot- COM


Stay tuned for more updates!

~ Mike