These publications didn't classify into the other categories of this site, but are worthy of display.  These items may include: foreign catalogs*, seasonal catalogs, training manuals, reference guides, pamphlets, special issue catalogs, model store plans, planograms, and other publications. * The foreign computer catalogs from Australia and Canada are displayed with the additional computer catalogs.

"Electronics Digest" Magazine:  Radio Shack began publishing Electronics Digest in 1967 and promoted it as "The Electronics Magazine for Home and School" .  The content was intended to be informational and of educational value. It contained science & electronic projects, educational & historical information, info about phones & conference calling, the future of electronics and advances in consumer technology.

1953 Book Catalog
Electronics Digest (1967) 1
Electronics Digest (1967) 2
Electronics Digest (1968)
Electronics Digest (1971)
Electronics Digest (1972) 1
Electronics Digest (1972) 2
1971 Products (Canada)
1971 Electronic Parts
1974 Tandy Catalogue (UK)
1978 Stereo Hi-Fi Booklet
1979 Boycott Radio Shack
1980 Tandy Catalogue (UK)
1981 ESP Pamphlet
1983 ESP Pamphlet
1983 Tandy (German)
1984 ESP Pamphlet
1984 Product Training
1989 Model Store Plan
1990 Model Store Plan
1991 Career Begins Here
1991 Audio Sales Training
1991 Video Sales Training
1992 Visual Info System
1993 Model Store Plan
1994 Tandy Trends
1994 Repair Shop
1995 Seasonal (Canada)
1995 Seasonal (French)
1996 Store Reference Guide
1997 Computer Sales Train.
1997 Public Service
1998 Pocket Price Book
1998 Surveillance
2003 RS Store Planogram
2008 Video Security
2009 Digital Imaging Guide
2011 Team Apparel
2011 Vendor Guide
2012 Holiday Toy Guide
2012 Q4 Private Brands
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