For many of us, receiving Radio Shack's weekly, monthly & seasonal publications in our mailbox was a much anticipated event. 
Beginning in the 1950s, these flyers/circulars/newspapers/catalogs were direct-mailed not only to previous and current customers, but also to potential customers in the hope of attracting more tech-hungry shoppers who would find a new level of products, services and excitement in a store that made the buying experience fun.

Typically, these publications contained a mix of Radio Shack's introductory products, sale products, clearance items, weekly specials, best buys, and special buys. Radio Shack also used these circulars to promote their newest full-line catalog, special anniversaries, special milestones (for example, "Radio Shack Buys Allied Radio", "Radio Shack Opens Its 1000th Store", and the like), new store locations, and seasonal specials.  In regards to seasonal publications, most people will agree that the Christmas gift catalogs were the most anticipated, popular and memorable. 
In addition to the publication itself, a popular enticement to get you into a Radio Shack store was to print a coupon in these publications.  These popular coupons could be redeemed for a free, or highly discounted item.  Some of these items were a battery, flashlight, pen, beach ball, "Battery of the Month" card, or Cue Cat (a cat-shaped bar code scanning device). 
Below, you can browse through a sampling of Radio Shack's flyers / circulars / newspapers / catalogs from the 1950s to 2000s.  Enjoy!

1950's: Mail Order Plant
1957: Hi-Fi Scoop!
1957: Sensational
1960: Expansion Sale
1960: Mid-Winter Sale
1960: New 8-Transistor
1961: Holiday Buying Guide
1962: Christmas Bargains
1963: Spring Catalog
1964: Coast-to-Coast
1964: Expansion Sale
1964: Christmas Sale Book
1964: Expansion Sale
1966: Bargain Book
1966: Expansion Extra
1966: Nationwide Stores
1966: Christmas Gift Book
1966: Parts Catalog
1967: 44th Birthday Sale
1967: Expansion Extra
1968: Preview '68
1968: Spring Special
1968: Christmas Catalog
1968: H.H. Scott Special
1968: New '69 Catalog
1968: Stereo Industry
1969: $1,000,000 Clearance
1970: RS Buys Allied Radio
1970: Summer Price Cuts
1971: Opens 1000th Store
1971: $1,000,000 Sale
1973: 50th Anniversary
1973: September Savings
1973: Back To School Sale
1974: Mid-Winter Sale
1974: Christmas (Canadian)
1975: Mid-Winter Flyer
1975: Spectacular Sale
1975: Back To School Sale
1975: Christmas Sale
1976: Revolutionary Sale
1976: Catalog Invitation
1976: Pre-Christmas Sale
1977: Sale-abration
1977: Summer Sale
1977: Back To School Sale
1977: Fall Sale
1977: Mid-Winter Sale
1978: Pre-Christmas Sale
1979: '80 Catalog
1979: Back To School Sale
1979: Pre-Christmas Sale
1980: Summer Clearance
1980: Tune In - Turn On
1980: Mid-Winter Sale
1981: Summer Sale
1981: Back To School Sale
1981: Mid-Winter Sale
1982: Fall Sale
1982: Pre-Christmas Sale
1982: Christmas Catalog
1983: January Clearance
1983: March Sale
1983: Summer Sale
1983: Summer Sale
1983: Fall Sale
1983: Pre-Christmas Sale
1983: Christmas Catalog
1984: March of Values
1984: Spectacular Sale
1984: 63rd Anniversary
1984: Inventory Clearance
1984: Summer Sale
1984: Back To School Sale
1984: Fall Sale
1984: Mid-Winter Sale
1986: March Parade Sale
1987: April Shower Savings
1987: Spring Sale Canadian
1988: Fantastic Fall Sale
1989: 68th Birthday
1989: June Jubilee Savings
1989: Catalog Invitation
1989: Pre-Christmas Sale
1990: New '90 Catalog
1990: Speaker System
1990: Technology Store
1995: Intercoms & More
1997: Keep Connected
2001: Gotta Get Wireless
2001: Verizon Wireless
2001: Vacation In Space
2001: Compaq Computers
2003: Stuff Santa Forgot
2004: Coolest Things
2004: Spring Break Sale
2004: Save Big
2004: Stuff Santa Forgot
2010: Friday-Only Special
2010: Shack Friday
2011: Shack Friday
2012: New iPhones